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A Little About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Dr. John Constantine. I grew up in the Tampa Bay Area. I’m glad to be back in the Orlando community, and I know I’ll be here for a long time. I believe in offering personal care in a one-on-one setting where I’m never rushing. The quality of my care is of the utmost importance.

I have always dreamed of opening my own practice and love helping my patients at Lakemont Dental access high-quality and affordable dental care. When not in the office, I’m busy with my duties as a captain of the Air Force National Guard and volunteer at the Florida Mission of Mercy.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family here in Florida and swing dancing with my wife (that’s actually how we met!). I look forward to meeting you and your family and helping our Orlando community smile bright.

As mentioned, I am from the Tampa Bay area and my entire family still lives here in Florida. My brother lives in St. Pete, my sister in Dunedin, and my parents and grandmother in Palm Harbor. My wife and I live in Thornton Park, right next to her family, including her brother, sister, and parents. We enjoy being so close to our family, which has been so instrumental to our success. Our holidays are always filled with love and fond memories.


    I went to college at the University of Central Florida, where I received a BA in anthropology while taking the pre-medical courses required for dental school. I then traveled to Boston for my dental education at Tufts University. Those four years were my best memories and also my most challenging period of growth. After dental school, I completed a residency at the Veterans Administration in Pennsylvania, where I received training in advanced dental procedures.

    I am also an Air Force National Guard dentist. Once a month, on Saturday and Sunday, I head to Jacksonville to perform my duties for the state of Florida. I was inspired to commission due to a long family history of military service and my own experiences as a doctor at the Veterans Administration.

    In addition to my private practice and duties as a Captain of the Air Force National Guard, I routinely volunteer for those in need. I use my clinical skills to help remove teeth that pose a serious risk of infection or are causing acute pain in volunteer settings such as the Florida Mission of Mercy.

    In my free time, I enjoy swing dancing with my wife, which is how we met. We’re both involved in the local dance community, helping it grow and hosting workshops that bring well-renowned instructors to the Orlando dance community.

    I’m glad to be back in the Orlando community, and I know I’ll be here for a long time.

    I believe in offering personal care in a one-on-one setting where I’m never rushing. The quality of my care is of the utmost importance. I am very careful about the materials I use and the team of specialists we choose to work with.

    You’ll often hear me say I treat all my patients the same way I would treat my mother, brother, sister, or wife. I hope you’re able to see the sincerity in these words the next time you visit.

    • University of Central Florida, BA in Anthropology
    • Tufts University in Boston, Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry
    • General Practice Residency – Veterans Administration
    • Residency at the Veterans Administration in Pennsylvania
    • Advanced Dental Procedures Training
Dr. Constantine with his wife and parents
patient reviews
George HauptkornGeorge Hauptkorn
00:06 05 Apr 22
The hygienist who worked with me was totally FAB!! Not only was she superbly competent in what she performed on my teeth, but she excelled in the conversation/explanation category. I had several questions concerned billing and treatment that she covered in a brilliant manner. I left informed and cerebrally satisfied. I’ve never left the office so we’ll informed and with an elevated comprehension level. Seriously, give the woman a raise. I was thoroughly impressed.
Jessi PadronJessi Padron
14:19 19 Mar 22
I had not been to a dentist for a few years (I have excuses, but none good!). I was a patient here under the previous owner and loved it here. When he retired, I was worried the family feel would be gone. I was so happy to several of the staff members were the same. That is always a good sign. Though it had been several years, they did not make me feel guilty about it and took care of me as if no time had passed. I am happy to remain a patient here and am looking forward to getting back into the regular dental health routine.
edward tiongsonedward tiongson
00:40 04 Mar 22
I am 33 years old and have never had an issue with my teeth. I hadn't chewed on the right side of my mouth for over 6 months due to the pain of what apparently was a cracked tooth. I haven't been to the dentist in years so I was nervous of the unknown. The entire staff was so helpful they calmed my nerves from when I walked in. Dr. Constantine thoroughly explained my options which helped me make an informed decision. 1 hour later I left with one less tooth, and whole lot of hope. Thank you very much to the staff of Lakemont Dental. I will forever be thankful.
Daniel WilkersonDaniel Wilkerson
00:35 22 Feb 22
Friendly staff and excellent care! They keep my teeth in great shape and make going to the dentist for routine care pleasant. If you need a dentist in the Orlando area, they are excellent group to build a relationship with.
Kristina RutiglianoKristina Rutigliano
11:18 27 Dec 21
I love this dentistry! To be honest it's my favorite. My mother and step dad also go here. All the employees are also very welcoming and kind making you feel comfortable while your there and the dentist is fast and amazing at what he does. I'm never changing my dentist, I'm sticking with Lakemont Dental definitely and you should try it out and see for yourselves!!! Your smile is everything!!!!!
All the team stood outside the office
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